Your tasks are listed below.
  • Rules and Procedures: This activity you will do with Mrs. Holsclaw.

  • Library Sections: Follow the directions on the file folder.

  • OPAC : Step one, when you click on the word choose show then open to view PowerPoint. Step two, is to fill out the OPAC search sheet in the file folder.

  • The Dot by P.H. Reynolds : Go to to the VBrick link on our home page and click to open it . { User ID dtwlib Password library} Across the top click on the tab ALL VIDEOS . Below that tab click on LIVE VIDEO. Scroll down until you see the video and click play. If you get a message "WATCH ON YOUTUBE click on the link. Exit out of VBrick when you are finished.

  • Animals Should Not Borrow Library Books: Step one, use the link below; click on the word open; choose slide show; click from beginning. Step two, is to fillout handout that goes with the activity.